Finalist for the Best Cognitive Robotics Paper award at ICRA 2012

Our paper titled “Integrating surface-based hypotheses and manipulation for autonomous segmentation and learning of object representations”, authors A. Ude, D. Schiebener, N. Sugimoto, and J. Morimoto, was among the finalist for the Best Cognitive Robotics Paper award at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2012), which was held in St. Paul, Minnesota.

2011 11th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots

We successfully organized Humanoids 2011 conference, which was held in Bled, Slovenia, on October 26th to 28th, 2011. Humanoids is established as the leading scientific peer-reviewed conference in the field of humanoid robots worldwide. The Humanoids conference has been organized every year since 2000, alternating between USA, Asia, and Europe. Previous editions took place in the worldwide leading centers of humanoid robotics including MIT (Boston), CMU (Pittsburgh), Waseda University (Tokyo), AIST (Tsukuba), KIT (Karlsruhe), IIT (Genoa), etc. Humanoids 2011 was organised by Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, with Aleš Ude as the general chair, Bojan Nemec as financial chair, and Andrej Gams as publication chair.